Welcome to the Fat Yogi Show

Featuring interviews with amazing fat yogis. WIth compelling conversations about being fat, and their yoga practice. These interviews create a space for inclusivity & support for fat yogi’s from all over. I’m Tiffany Croww, yoga instructor, fat chick, and now podcast host. With a goal of giving power to anyone to say “I am a Fat Yogi”. I am so grateful you are tuning in and I hope you enjoy the show

Tiffany Croww @Tiffanycroww
Maggie Salem @propqueenyoga
Sarah Smith @sarah_the_fat_vegan
Shannon Kaneshige @Fringeish Coming April 22
Amanda Nieves @chubbychinups
Mary Parizek @Mary_Cat_Domond Coming April 29th
Kate Mosher @MatslikeMirrors Coming May 6th
Shanna H @humphrey_homestead coming May 13th
Coming Soon
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